Check out this excellent review of the movie by Jan McClure of Good News Ministries, who “[recommends] that everyone sees this film.”  She believes “we have a physical miracle still present today; we need to spread the word… this film can do just that.”

On this episode of WSFI Spotlight, we interview Tim Watkins, President and Co-Founder of Messenger Eagle Communications about his Telly-Award Winning Documentary “The Blood and the Rose,” a film about Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Se dice que no todos los mexicanos son católicos. Pero el cien por cien de los mexicanos es Guadalupano´. Esta matemática y sencilla frase sirve para explicar de un plumazo qué supone la Virgen de Guadalupe en México.

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Feb 20, 2015

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Our Lady Of Guadalupe, Patroness of Life, pray for the #ProLife cause & those who #standforlife, especially in DC for the @March_for_Life

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@AdamGaffney96 This is Catholic teaching. It should be expected in a Catholic film.

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