Se dice que no todos los mexicanos son católicos. Pero el cien por cien de los mexicanos es Guadalupano´. Esta matemática y sencilla frase sirve para explicar de un plumazo qué supone la Virgen de Guadalupe en México.

Imagine walking down the street to church, when a woman crosses your path and tells you that she is
the Virgin Mary, a divine apparition of the holy mother Jesus Christ. Most people in today’s society
would find that to be an outrageous…

Watkins’s latest film, The Blood and the Rose (Renegade Productions, 2013), tells the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe. But it does much more than that.The documentary film begins by positioning the Guadalupe apparitions within the Church’s understanding of Mary and her role in the…

I made a film in 2004 on Ronald Reagan that had a pretty interesting cult following. People like Jim Cavezal, Bruce Willis, Gary Sinese, Mel Gibson and Mel Gibson’s Producer Steve McEveety. In 2002 I experienced a spiritual awakening, courtesy of my then eight your…

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